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My post yesterday on Fear of Missing Out brought up a fun blast from the past with some of my friends party lines, now for those of you who are too young or who were blessed with private lines in your area let me explain…party lines were sort of like our current extension phones, they were just in your neighbor’s house usually about eight of them.

So while many of us only had one phone in our house, no danger of mom or dad listening in, our neighbors could, and did eavesdrop at will often recounting every little juicy detail of our adolescent tête-à-têtes, at where else the beauty shop of course. Now I will say I was fortunate by the time I was into adolescent soul bearing we had moved to an area with private lines, not so for some of my friends who were in more rural areas of the county. But even without the party line somehow my mother always seemed to find out exactly what I’d been up to at her weekly beauty shop appointments. I’m convinced that she would go in and say give me a quick shampoo and a set, and tell me what Jane has been up to, her stiffly teased updo a mere disguise for keeping tabs on me.

All of this being said, because I’m taking a bit of a vacation it’s Spring Break, so I’m taking the week off from writing, and even though I have lots of fun things planned I’m a bit afraid of missing out. I’ve not gone that long without blogging in a while what will happen to my blog if I’m not here?

Well duh nothing that was Bertha’s answer, and I know it’s true, and that’s what scares me. I’ll miss the feedback. I’ll miss the connection. I’ll miss the place in my life that my blog fills. So it’s a conscious decision release the connection, release the feedback, allow other things to fill my life, breathe it in, relax, enjoy the other things life has to offer, but it’s still unsettling, it’s still difficult to give up even for a few days something that is part of my identity, even if the break will only make it better. I’ll spend some time contemplating that feeling, that fear, allowing it to evolve, doing the Forgiveness Prayer, for those parts of me where I feel afraid. I feel better already. Besides Bertha says not to worry. I can always go to the beauty shop, if I need to catch up, thankfully some things never change. Jane