The Bright Side…

Look on the bright side or close your eyes! ~Bertha

There’s a chapter in my work in progress in which Bertha is attacking one wall in every room of the house with shockingly bright colored paint. She also manages to turn the cat into an electric blue tipped Persian…but I digress. Her point is that I should always find a way to look at the bright side and the paint is a visual reminder to do it.

I woke up with this story replaying in my mind this morning probably because I have a summer cold and I’ve been a bit whiney. I did look around the room and thankfully the walls were still pastel coral. I suppose that is a bright side and I really don’t think the smell of paint would help my cold.

So what have my complaints been about?

Well, this is the week that I’m scheduled to work summer school so of course I’ve bemoaned the timing of the cold. Bertha reminds me that it could have been last week when I was on vacation with my children or even next week when they will be coming here for a visit. She also reminds me that I’m only working four hours and my only real responsibilities are emergent in nature—nothing routine.

All of this is true.

I am grateful that I felt exceptionally well at the beach and that I should be feeling better again by next week. I am excited to work the shorter days and the money will come in handy—I always seem to be able to spend it for something.

So I’m heading out…feeling a bit more optimistic with a box of Kleenex in my bag…wait…is that where my extra money is going…Bertha…I just closed my eyes…you’d better start painting…


4 thoughts on “The Bright Side…

  1. So sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, but as Bertha so rightly says, if you do have to feel bad, then this is the best time for it. Hope you will be feeling better soon. Dont tell Bertha (I’m hoping she wont notice) we have just removed some rather hideously glaring wall-paper from one wall of our dining room, so its all now a nice shade of cream.

    • Oh…Joy…she may just paint that wall when you’re not looking…I’m thinking that the dining room got a nice shade of grape in the story…and you might want to hide the cat as well…LOL! I am starting to feel better…I figure if this lasts a week…I’m on day four…should be downhill from here! Thanks…

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