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Losing your independence
You took mine
I gave as freely as I could
Kicking and screaming as I was
I couldn’t give enough of me
To reclaim your days gone by
But I tried
And then you left
It was your time to go
Everyone said so
But they didn’t see
The pieces of me you clutched tightly
As you faded away
Where are those pieces now
Do they still exist

I miss you Mama… every day… I especially miss our Sunday afternoon drives… with stops for forbidden ice cream… I miss you singing a little off key… and… swatting ChowChow with the fly flap… I miss her too… you both left me at the same time… I know… life goes on… I have my tiny haven at the lake… I have Thelma and Louise… but there’s a part of me you will always keep… tend it well.

Rest in Peace