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I’m getting ready for an overnight field trip…with…the sixth grade…to…none other than…Bear Creek…my local peeps know the place well…but…for some reason…AKA…work…I never got to go when my kids were in school…so…be careful what you wish for…here I go…

Since I’m going to be gone…Bertha…thought it would be nice to introduce you to a new friend we’ve recently met…Dianne Gardner

Dianne…is one talented woman…in fact…

She’s been a painter all her life having started at the age of 12 under her mother’s supervision. Her first private art lesson was with a sculptress in California. Excelling in art in school and on to college, her portfolio includes portraits, inspirational works, and plein air landscapes. She was the portrait painter for the Washington Renaissance Fantasy Fair for several years painting 20 minute oil paintings during the fair. She has just recently started illustrating books, beginning this endeavor with a 9′ triptych of Stenhjaert the Dragon, the antagonist in Ian’s Realm

Dianne is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the National League of American Pen Women. Besides the Ian’s Realm Saga (Deception Peak, The Dragon Shield, and Rubies and Robbers which will be released in 2013) she boasts authorship to four short stories titled A Tale of the Four Wizards Series which interweaves with the Saga. She writes for middle grade and young adults targeting boys and adventure loving girls, but adults are some of her most zealous fans of all Her writing definitely falls under the ‘family friendly’ category!

Wow…can you believe the talent…now…Bertha…is all about getting Dianne to paint her portrait…hmmm…we’ll see about that…in the meantime…Bertha…decided to get to know Dianne a bit better…by asking her some questions…

What is the title of your newest release –

Rubies and Robbers

Do you have any books in the works?

Yes. I just finished Rubies and Robbers and I’m now working on Cassandra’s Castle with The Diary of a Conjurer, Abbott and a new Dystopia series in the works.

Do you have any hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time?

I love fencing. I also plein air paint, walk, camp, fish…

If you would have time travel abilities and could meet anyone from any time, who would you like to meet?

I would like to meet King Manuel II of Portugal. My story Cassandra’s Castle was inspired by him. If I could have helped him somehow, encouraged him, I would have.

What is your all-time favorite movie?

The Wizard of Oz

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Study!!! Hone your craft. Join a critique group. Get beta readers. Learn and don’t think you are the best author in the world.

Do you plan on being a full time writer, or do you have other career plans?

I wouldn’t mind being a full time writer when I can be!

Do you prefer Ebook, paperback, or hardcover?

I prefer hardcover but I can’t really afford them. Paperback second but eBook is the easiest to acquire. They all have their place. If I like an eBook I’ll buy the hard copy.

Do you have any writing rituals like a particular treat, good luck charm, etc?

Blueberries? Frozen blueberries are great for munching and replace the spice drops in a healthy way!

Do you have a set writing schedule or do you write when the fancy hits you?

I write when I can. I would write all day if no one interrupted me or if I didn’t have to cook dinner. Or at least until my behind starts hurting!

When you aren’t writing, what would we find you doing?

Painting. Or Fencing!

Is your glass half full or half empty?

It depends on what time of day it is. If I’m tired, it’s more than half empty!

If you could have a dinner party with five people (living or dead) who would be invited?

Jesus, Winston Churchill C.S., Lewis Tolkein (I’d love to get them together again!), Michael Hauge

Well…I’m even more impressed with Dianne than I was…and…Bertha…is even more determined to get her portrait painted…

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting…Dianne Gardner…as much as we have…Bertha’s…busy checking out her books…and I’m sure you’ll want to as well…

Ian’s Realm Trilogy
Deception Peak 
The Dragon Shield
Rubies and Robbers

Cassandra’s Castle To be released
The Diary of a Conjurer To be released

Short Stories

A tale of the Four Wizards

And…be sure to visit her website