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In the multiple choice of life…choose happy! ~BertJane Carrollha

Bertha reminds me this morning…I can always choose to be happy. I think that’s because I’m going back to work today after several days off…and my plate there is very full.

But…she says I will have a lot to do regardless of my mood. I can be grumpy with a to-do list longer than Santa’s list…or I can be happy with a desk overflowing in paperwork. The choice is mine.

She said it’s really part of living my truth. Knowing how I want to feel and then doing what it takes to feel that way…one thought…one action at a time.

Okay…she’s right…I do want to feel good and enjoy life…today…I choose happy…so…I’m listening to perky music and chair dancing…and…I’m visualizing how good it’s going to feel to clear my desk. I’m feeling happy already!


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