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I just spent some time Googling myself…somehow that doesn’t sound quite wholesome…does it? Hmmm…
I really wanted to see if the internet spiders had picked up my blog and how hard it would be for someone to find it just by doing a search…but I found out so much more…for instance did you know that…on April 26, 2010 I was on a waiting list for a hike with a Meetup group that I belong to? No? Well you would have if you had Googled Jane Carroll Cowart.
There were other references to me…comments I’ve posted…that kind of thing…of course Bertha-Size Your Life was listed…and I did find the blog on page four of that search…page one when searched by Life According to Jane…
But I just kept going back to that Meetup waiting list…how could something so obscure be significant enough to be on page two of a search of my name?
Bertha says that’s the way it is in life as well…quite often it’s the obscure things that we do…that we don’t even notice…that are meaningful and memorable to others…
I think back to comments I’ve had from patients…how much something I did meant to them…things I don’t even remember…some tiny act of kindness…touched their lives…
Now…I have to ask myself (says Bertha)…how many times is the reverse true…how many times have I hurt another by a random act of indifference…or rudeness? I really don’t want to think about it…but Bertha says I have to…so I’m off to contemplation time…I think it’s her version of time-out…geez…
Bertha’s advice for the day…have fun…Google yourself…you just might be surprised by what you find!

4 thoughts on “Google Eyes

  1. Well, that was interesting. I took your advice… I Googled myself. And, I've done this many times for business purposes… but this time, I did it with an open mind… no expectations… just curiosity. Just exploring as "Jenn." Not as "Jenn Givler – Business Owner."

    It was an interesting trip through time… lots of stuff from my previous business comes up. And usually, I wish that stuff would just go away – Dammit, I want Google to know me for who I am NOW – not who I was THEN… sheesh.

    But, as I paged back through, and clicked through to some of the stuff, I realized that instead of shunning who I was and wishing Google would just pick up who I AM… I realized that that past business, and those past articles, and interviews and websites… they ARE me. They are part of what makes me, me.

    They are pieces of who I am today… and why should I shun them?!?

    For me, that was a good reminder that every step I took in the past has led me to be right here.

    And it's reminded me of what I've learned about myself – what I want, what I don't want…

    That was cool… who knew Googling yourself could be so deep?!?!

    Thanks Jane!

  2. Jenn,

    I find it so interesting that you would feel that way about your old stuff…I still like to see it when I google you…and yes…I have googled you to get to the fitness site…

    I find it reassuring to see who you were and know the process that you have gone through in becoming who you are. In fact, I read a bunch of your success articles today…and they are so good…all that you learned as you taught and shared with us then…has made you the happy successful business woman that you are now!

    Thanks for getting 'deep' with me!


  3. Jenn,

    It definitely does…I still have the marketing materials that I got from you…of course I'm not marketing at the present…but I'll pull them out if I do!

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