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In the last month I have started three new things…yoga…Reiki… writing. All three of these are very important to me and I’m excited about them. The problem is…WHEN do I find the time to do them? Get up early? I already get up at 4:00…and 3:00 is out of the question. Ain’t gonna happen!
So here I am…little whips in hand…self-flagellating…about the situation when Bertha enters stage left and reminds me of my intention for the year. It was simple…be gentle with myself.
Of course she expounded…we are talking about Bertha! I don’t have to set my expectation to do yoga every day. Right now I’m taking a private class one evening per week. What feels doable? Just that one day? Maybe two days…three? Does it have to be a lengthy session?
The same with Reiki…how much do I feel like I can practice/study in a day…and how many days a week?
Writing…well I’ve already decided that I will let that evolve as it does.
Bertha reminds me that being gentle with myself is more about letting things evolve instead of having firm expectations.
Then she gave me a meditation image for the day… a leaf floating on a stream…
I still don’t have an answer to how I’m going to fit it all in…but it feels better to flow into it than to force it…so that’s what I’ll do…