Work with Jane

I Chose. ~Bertha

What if you could change anything in your life by asking questions and making choices? Is that possible? Well… that was your first question so you are already on your way. Now, for your first choice… choose to work with Jane. It’s as simple as that.

Are there options? See how good you are at asking questions.  And luckily, there are several possibilities.

One hour coaching sessions combine Bertha’s wit and wisdom along with Access Consciousness® tools to facilitate you as you create the life of your dreams… one question and choice at a time. Coaching may be in person or via zoom or telephone. Sessions are $250.00 with packages available for five or more sessions paid for at one time.

Energetic Body Processes:
One hour body process sessions including Access Bars®, Access Energetic Facelift® and over 60 energetic body processes must be done in person. Sessions start at $100.00 with packages available for five or more sessions paid for at one time.

Jane is an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Body Process Facilitator, Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner and Coach Training Alliance Certified Life Coach. She offers live and online classes through Access Consciousness. Click HERE for available classes.

Of course, even though questions and choices are extremely powerful, you still have to take some action. So, fill out the form below and you’re on your way. Look out world… here you come!


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