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Bertha-Size Your Life! is Worth Reading in WE Magazine for Women
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July 17, 2012 – Bertha Size Your Life with Jane Carroll

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The Courage to Follow Your Dreams When Things Do Not Go As Planned.
January 11, 2012 – MasterKoda Says, Bertha Size Your Life!

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Standing Firm

I came across a quote by Abraham Lincoln today…

Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.

Bertha had a bit of a field day with it… reminding me of all the times I have done the standing firm part… without making sure my feet were in the right place…

Thankfully… she says I don’t have to list them all… this could be a very long blog… I mean there are… relationships… houses… jobs… all of which I have argued for and held on to… even though they really weren’t right for me… or in my best interest…

But… she does want us to talk about… money… spending money on things… and how easily I can decide that all my problems would be solved… if I only had this latest gadget… or cashmere sweater… or new car… or whatever it is… as I stand firmly and hand over my debit card… only to find myself in the same life I was in before… just a little… or a lot… poorer…

What can I say… even as I am making it a habit to pare down… to release the excess in my life… it’s still so easy… to fall for the immediacy of buying something… without taking the time to fully consider the impact it will make on my life… thankfully… in addition to Bertha… I have very practical friends… who have no problem telling me that I don’t need a new car… or a second house… or so many other things that sound so necessary in the moment…

Hopefully… they don’t roll their eyes as much as Bertha does… but who knows… I guess I really don’t care as long as they help me put my feet in the right place… before I dig in… and have two houses… one for each cat…


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