One Tomato, Two Tomato

One of my favorite things about summer is vine ripe tomatoes. Ain’t nothing better than a tomato on fresh loaf bread with a good slathering of mayonnaise. Of course, I do other things with them as well. I cook with them, put them in salads, and just eat them as a side dish sprinkled in salt.
Yes ma’am, I love me some tomatoes. And yet, I seem to take them for granted. I know the season is coming to an end…the weather is cooler and the leaves are falling. Frost is on the way. So why did I take them for granted?
The Farmer’s Market was closing on Saturday for the season. I planned for days to go and buy one last basket of tomatoes. But come Saturday morning I was in no particular hurry and I could have been. I just chose to read and write and sit on the porch in the sunshine. It was a lovely morning and I must say I enjoyed it but…
I arrived at the Farmer’s Market with cash in hand to find an empty tomato table. It was close to noon; the tomatoes sold out at 10:30. I bought some shelled peas. I bought some baby yellow squash. I bought some fresh ground cornmeal. It could be the perfect meal…if only I had a red, ripe, juicy tomato…
Oh, wait…I still have two left from last week…think I’ll have a sandwich while I cook my peas!

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