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There’s more than one way to skin a cat…and I’d like to try them on that one!

~ Bertha from Bertha Size Your Life!

This is the cat speaking. Yeah, I’d like to see her to try them on me as well -then we would see the fur balls fly! She thinks I have an attitude, well wait until you read her book and then you will understand attitude. Humans, they really drive me up the wall. They moan and groan to beat the band all over some silly disappointment over their kids growing up and leaving home. For us of the superior feline race; we clean ‘em, wean ‘em and out they go! There’s more to life than cleaning up the litter box. At any rate, I hope you read this crazy book because she promised me caviar when it hits number one.

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Are you kidding? You scrolled past the ‘buy this book’ button? Do you want me to starve to death? Oh, I get it; you want to know what the book is about! Read on if you dare.

Who do you get if you cross Lucy and Oprah? Why Bertha, of course! A zany redhead, she’s always up to something and drags her sidekick, Jane along with her as she flings down-home wisdom and perky advice to anyone who will listen. Throw in a conniving nemesis, an antagonistic cat (I don’t see myself as antagonistic, but that’s what the publisher put on the back of the book – I’ll bide my time and get my revenge), lime green spandex and high-heels and you’ve got Bertha-Size Your Life! A book that’s sure to tickle your funny bone and leave you anticipating your next adventure along life’s journey.

Order a copy today for yourself, your Mama, your sister, your friend, your daughter, and even that cranky old lady down the street. They’ll thank you for it and that cranky old lady…well… after reading Bertha! she may not be so cranky after all.

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Why are you still reading? Don’t you realize my very existence depends on you? What’d you say? You have to know what humans are saying about it? Humph, well go ahead, if you can’t trust the word of a cat here are some of the things others like yourself are saying about it.

Reviews and Testimonials


I love Bertha Size Your Life! If you have not read it you really need to pick it up! Many great life lessons, in it’s own way a “Law of Attraction” book that anyone can understand and learn from! I know I have been a Law of Attraction student for years.

After you read a few chapters you will start thinking “What would Bertha do? How would she handle this?”. I am a speed reader and I started to read the whole book in one standing, but realized that I would learn more and absorb more if I used the book more like a daily journal or daily life lesson, and because of switching to this way of reading “Bertha-Size Your Life” I am learning a lot more! Each chapter is small so it can be taken in tidbits, and yet each section in some way or another will leave you thinking “Wow, I do that!” or “Hmm, I should start doing that!”.

Great book that will leave you wanting to invite Bertha over for a cup of coffee, however I have a feeling if Bertha were to come to my house she would be taken by surprise, she has a relationship with a cat in this book, and well I have 18 cats….I wonder how they all would respond to Bertha LOL. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about The Law of Attraction in an easy to learn format, sprinkled with a ton of humor! 5 stars in my book is just not high enough!

~Rebbekah White, www.AdvantageMarketingForYou.com

“…I adore …Bertha… I read her words of wisdom and I grin, then I look out at the world with more spunk, hope and a ‘hell yes I can!’ attitude. Let Bertha do the same for you. I promise you’ll thank me.”

~Jennifer Louden, best-selling author, The Woman’s Comfort Book and The Life Organizer


I read… a LOT. I read good books and bad books and everything in between. Why? Because it’s my business. Jane Carroll is a dynamic writer and Bertha Size Your Life will change your life. Grab a copy today!

~Kim Mutch Emerson of www.masterKoda.com, Author and Book Promotions

Get over who you were…and just be who you are! ~ Bertha


Jane Carroll opens her story with the “Empty Nest” blues as her last child leaves via the altar, but she quickly turns the theme around into a wonderful adventure of enlightenment, encouragement, and self-love…She shows us how to really live.

~Georgia Richardson A.K.A. Queen Jaw Jaw author of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Throne


Jane Carroll delivers readers a super-size order of laughs with Bertha-Size Your Life! I found myself wanting to grab a set of pom-poms and wear a neon tube top right alongside Bertha! This was a fun read just when I needed it!

~Christy Birmingham avid freelance writer and blogger


Have you ever picked up a book and could not put it down? “Bertha-size Your Life” by Jane Carroll is one of those books. Author Jane Carroll captures your attention from the very first word. She will make you laugh out loud, smile and then make you stop and think about things in your very own life. This book is a must read book for any woman at any age. Thank you Jane Carroll for inspiring me to be the very best person I can be. Bertha meet Bella Lynch.

~Betty Lynch author of Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen


If you’re looking for an inspiring and uplifting book then “Bertha Size Your Life” by Jane Carroll is a book for you! It’s a delightful story about you and me; encouraging us to listen to our inner-voices to follow our dreams and live our best life now. If you have a difficult time with negative thoughts that may defeat your purpose in life, Bertha helps you conquer that too!

~Leslie Freude Holtzclaw


Bertha came to me at a much needed time in my life. Her inspiration, encouragement, and laughter made a difference to me personally. My life is better living it through Bertha’s eyes!!! I just love her enough to read her again and again!!

~Arlene O’Neil author of Broken Spokes


Help! I’m being held captive by Bertha in one of her goofy getups. She refuses to let me go until you buy the book. Please…buy the book…I’m begging you…and we both know…cats don’t beg! I think she’s getting feathers on my fur!

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Recent Posts

Standing Firm

I came across a quote by Abraham Lincoln today…

Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.

Bertha had a bit of a field day with it… reminding me of all the times I have done the standing firm part… without making sure my feet were in the right place…

Thankfully… she says I don’t have to list them all… this could be a very long blog… I mean there are… relationships… houses… jobs… all of which I have argued for and held on to… even though they really weren’t right for me… or in my best interest…

But… she does want us to talk about… money… spending money on things… and how easily I can decide that all my problems would be solved… if I only had this latest gadget… or cashmere sweater… or new car… or whatever it is… as I stand firmly and hand over my debit card… only to find myself in the same life I was in before… just a little… or a lot… poorer…

What can I say… even as I am making it a habit to pare down… to release the excess in my life… it’s still so easy… to fall for the immediacy of buying something… without taking the time to fully consider the impact it will make on my life… thankfully… in addition to Bertha… I have very practical friends… who have no problem telling me that I don’t need a new car… or a second house… or so many other things that sound so necessary in the moment…

Hopefully… they don’t roll their eyes as much as Bertha does… but who knows… I guess I really don’t care as long as they help me put my feet in the right place… before I dig in… and have two houses… one for each cat…


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