Say…Can You Spare Some Change?

Some people find messages in bottles…I find them in songs. Often, I wake up with a song on my mind…and not always one I’ve heard recently. Think the old tune…Catch a Falling Star and Put It in Your Pocket…where did that one come from? I don’t have a clue…but there it was welcoming me out of the dream world the other day. Bertha thought it was a hoot when I told her…I think she has a crush on Perry Como…go figure.
Anyway, last Saturday morning I was still playing with the idea of starting a blog…or doing something with my writing. Interestingly…the first two songs on the radio that morning were…Change Your Mind by Sister Hazel and Cool Change by Little River Band…I took them as my message. I must have been being stubborn…it took two to do the job…but here I am writing…so it must have worked.
Yesterday I struggled a bit with the post…sharing it was pretty vulnerable…sort of like those dreams where you show up naked at Church… and the song that played for encouragement was…Say (What You Need to Say) by John Mayer.
That message got me. It’s easy to say what I want to say when I write. To hide my true self behind Pollyanna words…nice and safe…but it’s harder to say what I need to say. I’m not even sure what that’s gonna be from day-to-day.
Bertha says I’ll figure it out as the words flow…and Walking on Sunshine starts to play. And don’t it feel good!

4 thoughts on “Say…Can You Spare Some Change?

  1. You find signs in songs all the time. I find them in billboards, car tags, AND songs, too. When I took a new job I felt good about it but was still a bit apprehensive. Then, the first song I heard was "I Can See Clearly Now," and I grinned and knew it was the right choice. I believe we receive signs because we practice having an open heart. Don't you?

  2. Yes, I believe that having an open heart is the key to recognizing the signs…otherwise…they are just songs and billboards…

  3. I do that too! Interesting how the words are there in front of us when we need them or the song comes on the radio to inspire us.

  4. Ruth Anne…today's message was…If you wanna be someone else…change your mind…or something close to that…second time I've gotten it lately…guess I have some thoughts to change!

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