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I think I recently mentioned that I intend to do yoga every day… even if it is just a couple of balance poses. I thought that was a simple intention… but Bertha… chided me. Not that I plan to do some yoga every day… but that I said… even if it is only a couple of balance poses… because she said that I’m downplaying the importance of balance.

It’s true… I have gained a lot from my balance poses… not only am I less likely to fall when Thelma or Louise… my fur babies… twist around my legs as I’m carrying in the groceries and trying to get to the bathroom all at the same time… but… I have gained a lot of strength in my legs and my core. I was noticing that the other day as I did a flow from Tree Pose to Warrior III. I could feel how strong my supporting leg… and my entire body… was to be able to move between the poses slowly enough to keep my balance. And this has not always been the case.

So… I must say… I bragged on my legs just a bit… as in… great job… you’ve gotten so strong… aren’t you awesome legs…

Bertha… says it reminds her of my life… and I roll my eyes just a bit… what doesn’t remind her of my life? After giving me the stern, third grade teacher look… she continued… that the more I work on balance in my life… the stronger I become, too.

The more I say… NO… to the things that don’t work for me… the stronger I become… the easier it is to say it next time… not to mention having more time for the things that I really want to do.

The more I speak my truth… and that is more than just saying no… the easier it is to not only speak it… but to hear it and know it in my heart… and then to live it. And there is definitely a certain amount of strength required to living truth. And that strength makes it possible to no longer back down and say nothing… and just accept someone else’s opinion of what my truth should be.

The more I spend time in spiritual practices… the stronger I become in my faith… and when those metaphorical cats try to trip me up and send me into a tailspin… the easier it becomes to step over them and remain upright.

And… her list goes on and on… but I think you get the picture… so I’ll stop before she really embarrasses me.

So… how about you… where do you find strength in balance? We’d love to hear in the comments.