Remember the lyrics for theme song from the sitcom Cheers…where everybody knows my name? Well, when you live in a small southern town of around 3500 people…it ain’t just words…it’s a fact.
And although it is usually quite comforting to be known, there are just some days when I want to remain incognito. You know those days when you have been puttering around the house in your PJs and discover you’re out of milk? Do you shower, make-up, and dress-up…or do you throw on dark glasses and make a run for it…only to see everyone you’ve known since first grade?
As I sit here…not wanting to go to Wally World because my hair is dirty…I can’t help but wonder…does Queen Elizabeth have these days? Is there ever a day that she just can’t abide the thought of putting on her suit and matching Pillbox? Does she ever just want to slip on sweats and go out to meet the day…and could the royal guard keep their straight faces if she did…and what would be the ramifications of that…would the world as we know it end…maybe she’s gonna do it next year…and that’s what’s up with the Mayan calendar…they knew ahead of time…hmmmm…
There’s so much to think about when I procrastinate…I could have washed my hair…put on some makeup…and been half-way to the store by now…but what fun would that have been?
I wonder if I added a scarf to those sunglasses…


4 thoughts on “Un-Cheers

  1. No one notices if you don't have make up on on Saturday mornings—they're too concerned about whether or not you notice that they don't have make up on….

  2. Marynell…you're right! Funny, right after I posted that Mama called and wasn't feeling well…so I headed out to the drugstore…hair sticking out and no makeup…didn't see a soul I knew…they were probably still sleeping…LOL!

  3. Our little town is that way, small enough to have a family reunion at WalMart. I know how you feel, the other day, I left very quickly to pick up a paper at our local DG, that's re-opened after tornado, thank Goodness. I thought that I wouldn't go in, wouldn't see anyone I knew. Wrong…I drive up and sitting in vehicle next to me was a Bunco friend…sitting in her vehicle. I had no make up on, couldn't remember if I had brushed my hair,had on gym shorts and tank top, not very appealing. I have found though, when I really hope I don't see anyone I know and then I do, I leave so blessed for having seen that person. Sort of a divine appointment, if you will. God has His way of showing us whatever it is HE wants us to see, I just wish He'd send me a text and say, "Belinda, you might want to brush your hair."

  4. Belinda, I love that! And I am so glad your DG is open again…and the houses are being rebuilt. I go by there everyday on my way to work. Now…I'll wonder if you are there with uncombed hair!

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