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Bertha has gone for a pedicure in honor of International Women’s Day. She says that a pedicure is the best way she knows of to recharge her batteries and that she will proofread my blog when she gets home.

Okay… I did it! Today is… International Women’s Day… Proofreading Day… and Check Your Batteries Day. Bertha challenged me to use all three of them in one paragraph.

But… she thought we should focus on… women… today… so here goes.

The first thing that comes to mind is the nursery rhyme… sugar and spice and all things nice… and I wonder… is that all that I am? And the answer is… I hope not. Why? Because… while I strive to be nice and sweet… that doesn’t always get it. That doesn’t always pay the bills… or protect the children… or correct the injustice in life. Nor does it express the intent of International Women’s Day. The women way back in 1917 who fostered the creation of the holiday… were probably known as bitches by many… and yet… although I can’t be certain… I’m pretty sure they had a gentle side. I’m pretty sure that they rocked their babies and made sugar cookies and loved their families. I’m also sure that they had strength in character and action.

I’m reminded of an Access Consciousness® class I took not so long ago… and the facilitator asked if I were willing to be seen as a bitch. No! Of course, not… I’m sweet and kind. Then I remembered an incident years ago involving my daughter and a teacher who was going have her suspended unfairly. Let’s just say… I can be a bitch when called upon. And the more I thought about it… well… I’ve been called upon on numerous occasions. Those of you who know me… well… let’s just say that isn’t a surprise.

And… maybe that’s the… spice… in the old rhyme. Maybe it’s the blend of sugar and spice… of… strength and gentleness… that is the wonder of a woman.

So… Bertha’s back from her pedi… she just shakes her head as she proofreads the blog. Not sure she will leave me on my own again… if you know what I mean!